The Order and Structure of Creation, Part 2 (The Covenant & the Cross #26)

Today’s passage of Scripture is Genesis 2:3-4 which reads: “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens.”

Allow me to share with you some commentary on this passage from the Reformation Study Bible edited by theologian R.C. Sproul: “The seventh day is the first thing in the Torah to which God imparts His holiness and so sets apart to Himself. It summons mankind to imitate the pattern of the King and so to confess God’s lordship and their consecration to Him. This sign of a covenant with God and type of Christ gives promise of divine rest both now and forever.”

Today’s quote about the Bible is from Charles Dickens. He said: “The New Testament is the very best book that ever was or ever will be known in the world.”

Our topic for today is titled: “The Order and Structure of Creation (Part 2)” from the book, “The Promise and the Blessing” by Dr. Michael A. Harbin.

If we consider the perspective of the Israelites at Sinai, we can see that the writer’s purpose was to show how God created the various aspects of creation, beginning with the concept of light and ultimately ending in the creation of man, described as both male and female. The order presented seems to be chronological, although there are still serious questions of how the specific details of these aspects fit together (e.g., the nature of the “expanse” in Gen. 1:6-7 or the creation of light prior to the creation of light sources). These questions remain, regardless of what view one takes on the subject.

Consequently, we will merely note that there are two key truths that we should derive from this section. The most important truth is that God created the universe and that He did so in an orderly process, and the result was very good. As such, this says much about the awesomeness of God; He is greater than anything we can imagine. His greatness is evident in the macrocosm as we look through powerful telescopes and see stars and galaxies. It is also evident in the microcosm, as we delve into living cells and discover how intricately they are put together. As I look at the creation and the wide variety of living creatures, I am also struck by the wisdom of God and even by His sense of humor. Perhaps the most important aspect of this whole process, however, is the fact that humankind is also a creation of God.

The second truth is that from the outset humankind has been given a key position of responsibility within the created universe. This position is one of world management or stewardship. Included in the command to take care of the world are both genders (male and female) and the anticipated numerous offspring of the first couple. The summary statement in Genesis 1:27 that humankind is created male and female is amplified in Genesis 2. Moreover, this created couple is commanded to multiply and fill the earth—and given the authority to manage it.

With the creation of humankind, God declared that the creation was “very good,” and the text states that He rested. God’s rest was based on the completion of the creation process, and in turn it became the foundation for a Sabbath rest for humankind.


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